The ___ adventure of ___

It's the ___ game where you play the role of ___ and help ___ in order to ___.


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{$cols|["verbed", "adj", "noun", "relation", "number", "name"]}
{$verbed1|%verbed1} {$verbed1_|a verb (past tense)}
{$verbed2|%verbed2} {$verbed2_|a verb (past tense)}
{$verbed3|%verbed3} {$verbed3_|a verb (past tense)}
{$adj1|%adj1} {$adj1_|an adjective}
{$adj2|%adj2} {$adj2_|an adjective}
{$adj3|%adj3} {$adj3_|an adjective}
{$noun1|%noun1} {$noun1_|a noun}
{$noun2|%noun2} {$noun2_|a noun}
{$noun3|%noun3} {$noun3_|a noun}
{$relation1|%relation1} {$relation1_|a relation}
{$relation2|%relation2} {$relation2_|a relation}
{$relation3|%relation3} {$relation3_|a relation}
{$number1|%number1} {$number1_|a number}
{$number2|%number2} {$number2_|a number}
{$number3|%number3} {$number3_|a number}
{$name1|%name1} {$name1_|a name}
{$name2|%name2} {$name2_|a name}
{$name3|%name3} {$name3_|a name}

{$hero|%hero} {$hero_|a name}
{$heroAdj|%heroAdj} {$heroAdj_|an adjective}
{$heroNoun|%heroNoun} {$heroNoun_|a noun}
{$heroHobby|%heroHobby} {$heroHobby_|a hobby}
{$heroHouse|%heroHouse} {$heroHouse_|place of residence}
{$heroXe|%heroXe} {$heroXim|%heroXim} {$heroXis|%heroXis}

{$home|%home} {$home_|place of origin}
{$homeInhab|%homeInhab} {$homeInhab_|inhabitants}

{$gem|%gem} {$gem_|a noun}
{$gemHidden|%gemHidden} {$gemHidden_|a noun}
{$gemVerbed|%gemVerbed} {$gemVerbed_|a verb (past tense)}
{$gemResponse|%gemResponse} {$gemResponse_|a verb (past tense)}
{$gemAdj|%gemAdj} {$gemAdj_|an adjective}

{$friend|%friend} {$friend_|a name}
{$friendAdj|%friendAdj} {$friendAdj_|an adjective}
{$friendXe|%friendXe} {$friendXim|%friendXim} {$friendXis|%friendXis}

{|Okay.|One more time.} Once there was a {$heroNoun} by the name of {$Hero}. {$HeroXe} was very {$heroAdj}. In fact, that's what the {$homeInhab} of {$home} always used to call {$heroXim}. {$Hero} the {$heroAdj} {$heroNoun} from {$home}.

{$correct|%correct} {$correct_|[ "yes", "no" ]} +

{Wait... Is that right?|Did I get it right this time?} Hmm... {$Correct}, {$correct|EQ "yes"|it's all coming back to me now.|that doesn't make any sense. Let me try that again.}

{$correct|EQ "yes"|+|#reset}

So anyway... Every day of {$heroXis} life, {$heroXe} liked to {$heroHobby}. It was {$heroXis} favorite thing to do. As long as {$heroXe} didn't have to deal with {$heroFear}, {$heroXe} was happy. Perhaps it was all a part of {$heroXis} {$heroAdj} nature as a {$heroNoun}.


Then one day, just when {$Hero} was about to do {$heroXis} daily chores around the {$heroHouse} where {$heroXe} lived, {$heroXe} stumbled upon a {$gem} hidden inside a {$gemHidden}. There was something oddly {$gemAdj} about it. {$Hero} picked it up and {$gemVerbed} it. The {$gem} {$gemResponse} back at {$heroXim}.

{$Hero} decided to keep the {$gem} and went on to do {$heroXis} chores. First {$heroXe} {$verbed1} the {$adj1} {$noun1}, then {$verbed2} the {$adj2} {$noun2} and lastly {$verbed3} the {$adj3} {$noun3}. Phew!

#collect ^
#shift ^

Now {$Hero} could finally relax and {$heroHobby} for the rest of the day.


When {$heroXe} woke up the next day, {$heroXis} friend, {$Friend}, came to visit. {$FriendXe} came to tell {$Hero} about a {$adj1} dream {$friendXe} had.

"I tell you, {$Hero}, it was the most {$adj1} dream I've ever had in my life," {$friendXe} said. "First I {{$.verbeds[0]}} the {{$.adjs[0]}} {{$.nouns[0]}}, then I {{$.verbeds[1]}} the {{$.adjs[1]}} {{$.nouns[1]}} and then somehow I ended up and {{$.verbeds[2]}} the {{$.adjs[2]}} {{$.nouns[2]}}! It was so embarrasing. All the other {$homeInhab} from all over {$home} was laughing at me!"

{$Hero} {$verbed1} some of {$heroXis} {$noun1} as {$heroXe} listened to {$Friend} talk about {$friendXis} {$adj1} dream. {$Hero} thought {$Friend} was very {$friendAdj} and told {$friendXim} to go home, and so {$friendXe} did.

#collect ^
{$dest|%dest} {$dest_|["archive", "stars", "home"]}

{$Hero} thought long and hard about where to go {|next} to solve {$Friend}'s problem. {$HeroXe} could either go to {$home}'s archive to find answers, look up at the stars for guidance or back home to do some more chores.

After a lot of {$heroAdj} thoughts, {$heroXe} decided to go {$dest|EQ "archive"|the archive and look some stuff up|EQ "stars"|look at the stars in hope for a sign|EQ "home"|back home}.

{$noun1_|a type of media}

{$Hero} went to the archives, even though this was no place for a {$heroAdj} {$heroNoun}. {$HeroXe} went through all the {$noun1} about the famous {$homeInhab} in the history of {$home}.

First there was {$name1} the {$adj1} who was {$relation1} to {$name2} the {$adj2}. Together they invented the {$noun2} which the old {$homeInhab} {$verbed1} each other with. But then came {$name1}'s {$relation2}, {$name3}, who was kinda {$adj3}. {$name3} took a {$noun3} and {$verbed2} {$name2} in the head with it. All because {$name3} was {$name2}'s {$relation3}. Oh my!

#collect ^
#shift ^

It was a fascinating story, but {$Hero} doubted it would do anything to help {$heroXis} {$friendAdj} {$Friend}. And sure enough, when {$heroXe} got home to {$heroXis} {$heroHouse}, {$Friend} was there waiting for {$heroXim}.

"I've had another {{$.adjs[0]}} dream," {$friendXe} said! "It was a {{$.adjs[1]}} family reunion, except the they all {{$.verbeds[0]}} each other! {{$.names[0]}}'s old {{$.relations[0]}}, {{$.names[1]}}, {{$.verbeds[1]}} the {{$.nouns[0]}} which belonged to {{$.names[2]}}, my great great {{$.relations[1]}}! But then when {{$.names[0]}}'s {{$.relations[2]}} showed up and {{$.verbeds[2]}} the place, things got {{$.adjs[2]}} pretty fast! It was a {{$.adjs[3]}} dream indeed!"

{$Hero} took a look at {$Friend}'s {{$.adjs[4]}} {{$.nouns[2]}}, but stayed determined to solve this mystery!

#shuffle ^

In a fit of dispair {$heroXe} fell to {$heroXis} {$noun1} and {$verbed1} up at the {$adj1} stars and started counting them.

#collect ^

After a while {$heroXe} started to see figures in the stars. {$number1} of them kinda looked like a {$noun1}. Another {$number2} took the form of a {$noun2}. That made {$number3} stars in total, which meant that {$Friend} was starting to become a total {$noun3} or whatever!

#collect ^
#shift ^

Then suddenly a {{$.adjs[0]}} {{$.nouns[0]}} {{$.verbeds[0]}} towards {$heroXim} and {$Friend} got out of it.

"{$Hero}, you stupid {{$.nouns[1]}}! Be warned! {{$.numbers[0]}} days from now, {{$.numbers[1]}} {{$.nouns[1]}} will have {{$.verbeds[1]}} the {{$.adjs[1]}} {{$.nouns[4]}} and then {{$.verbeds[2]}} themselves into {{$.numbers[2]}} {{$.nouns[2]}} and {{$.numbers[2]}} {{$.nouns[3]}}! It will be a {{$.adjs[2]}} time!"

{$Hero} thought that was a very {{$.adjs[3]}} thing to say.

#shuffle ^
{{ if ($._visits LT 3) { "+ +"; } else { "+"; } }}

{$Hero} took another look at the {$gemAdj} {$gem} {$heroXe} found in the {$gemHidden} and how it {$gemResponse} at {$heroXim}. Perhaps {$heroXe} should do the same to the {$gem}?

There were still a lot of stuff to be done around the {$heroHouse}. Like some {$adj1} {$noun1} to be {$verbed1}, not to mention all off {$heroXis} {$adj2} {$noun2} to be {$verbed2} and even more {$adj3} {$noun3} to be {$verbed3}.

#collect ^
#shift ^
{{ if ($.verbeds.indexOf($.gemResponse) !== -1 AND $.adjs.indexOf($.gemAdj) !== -1 AND $.nouns.indexOf($.gem) !== -1) { "#act3" } else { "+" } }}

{$Friend} didn't even bother showing up this time and instead just sent a {{$.adjs[0]}} {{$.nouns[0]}} that {{$.verbeds[0]}} in order to communicate: "This might sound silly but, do you remember that time when we {{$.verbeds[1]}} the {{$.adjs[1]}} {{$.nouns[1]}} before we {{$.verbeds[2]}} the {{$.adjs[2]}} {{$.nouns[2]}} and then soon after {{$.verbeds[3]}} the {{$.adjs[3]}} {{$.nouns[3]}} and {{$.verbeds[4]}} the {{$.adjs[4]}} {{$.nouns[4]}} by having the {{$.adjs[5]}} {{$.nouns[5]}} {{$.verbeds[5]}}..? No..? Me neither..."

{$Hero} was getting worried about {$friendAdj} {$Friend}.

#shuffle ^

{$place|%place} {$place_|hiding place}

Suddenly the {$gem} {$gemVerbed} back at {$Hero} and a large amount of {$heroFear} appeard in front of {$heroXim}!

{$Hero} was terrified and thought {$heroXe}'d had enough of this {$gemAdj} {$gem} and decided to put it back inside the {$place} where {$heroXe} found it!

{{ if ($.place === $.gemHidden) { "#end" } else { "+" } }}

But {|still} nothing happened! Instead the {$heroFear} just came {|even} closer!

Did {$Hero} forget {|again} where {$heroXe} found the {$gemAdj} {$gem}? {$place|%place}

{$HeroXe} put the {$gem} inside the {$place} instead.


At last the {$heroFear} disappeard and everything in {$home} finally went back to normal and the {$homeInhab} were happy.

{$Hero} spent the rest of {$heroXis} days to {$heroHobby} together with {$friendAdj} {$Friend} and lived {$heroAdj} and happily ever after!



  var n = $.cols;
  for(var i=1;i LTE 3;i++) {
    for(var j=0;j LT n.length;j++) {
      if ($[n[j]+i].charAt(0) !== "%") {
        $$[n[j]+"s"] = $[n[j]+"s"];
        $$[n[j]+i] = "%"+n[j]+i;
""}} ^
  var n = $.cols;
  for(var j=0;j LT n.length;j++) {
    var col = $[n[j]+"s"];
    for(var i=1;i LTE j;i++) {
    $$[n[j]+"s"] = col;
""}} ^
  function shuffle(arr) {
    var s, r;
    for(var i=0;i LT arr.length;i++) {
      r = Math.floor(Math.random()*arr.length);
      s = arr[i];
      arr[i] = arr[r];
      arr[r] = s;
    return arr;
  var n = $.cols;
  for(var j=0;j LT n.length;j++) {
    $$[n[j]+"s"] = shuffle($[n[j]+"s"]);
""}} ^